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Food is important, but so is having fun.

Whether you’re feeling under the weather or just want to cuddle up and watch your favorite show, a throw blanket is the ultimate soother. It’s like the whipped cream on top of a sundae—sure, you could read your book, or sip your tea, or doze off on the couch completely exposed to the world (I, a throw-blanket-lover, shudder at the thought). But just like that sweet, fluffy whip, a moment of much-needed R&R is made so much better with a soft, comfortable throw. Plus, when you’re not burrito’d up in it, you can toss one of your favorite cozy throw blankets over your couch, or drape it at the foot of your bed to make your home decor feel even more homey. I’d call that a win-win.

So, what are the best throw blankets out there, and what makes them so special? To compile this list I asked my friends and coworkers for their recommendations, and shared a few of my personal favorite blankets I use at home. Read on for 12 of the best cozy throw blankets, with options for various climates and texture preferences, as well as how to care for them. Happy snuggling!

The best cozy throw blankets, at a glance:

How can you tell a good quality blanket?

Blankets are pretty straightforward, but there are still some qualities that can help you identify a high-quality blanket. First and foremost, make sure the brand is transparent about the materials used in the blanket and, ideally, where they come from. Not all of the blankets on our list do this (the budget-friendly options are a little more vague), which doesn’t mean they’re not worth trying but it’s something to note.

Additionally, you can look for certifications like OEKO-TEX, which is a third-party label for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. There are handful of brands on our list (Muslin Comfort, Big Blanket Co, Baloo) that use fabrics that boast this certification.

Shop 12 of the best cozy throw blankets

Wrensonge cozy throw blankets

Listen, we love Barefoot Dreams as much as the next person (in fact, there are two BD recommendations on this list!), but the price tag can be a little tough to swallow. Luckily, one of my friends recommended this Amazon dupe. It’s made from soft microfiber, is machine washable, and comes in a wide range of striped and checkered patterns. If the standard 50-by-70-inch size is too small for you, you’ll find two larger size options to choose from.

Real user feedback: “This blanket is the best combination of soft and airy—it makes you warm without being too heavy and is the perfect couch companion. It’s honestly better than my Barefoot Dreams blanket.” —Haydon, Los Angeles, CA

Size: 50″ x 70″

Colors: 20+

Materials: Microfiber

How to wash: Machine wash cold separately, tumble dry on low


  • Solid dupe for Barefoot Dreams’ coveted throw
  • Machine washable
  • Variety of sizes and patterned options


  • No solid color options
  • May not be as durable as other options on this list

muslin comfort cozy throw blankets

As the name suggests, Muslin Comfort makes high-quality cotton muslin blankets. The OEKO-TEX certified cotton makes it lightweight and breathable enough to be used across all seasons, but it still provides plenty of swaddle-like coziness. The 365 Throw comes in a variety of solid colors, as well as larger sizes you can use on your bed.

Real user feedback: “I have the oversized twin version of the 365 blanket and I love it. I’m a smaller human, so the weight of it keeps me plenty warm—although I wouldn’t turn to it in freezing temperatures without added layers. It’s great for snuggling up on the couch, but I also drape it over the foot of my bed and use it as an extra blanket when I get chilly at night.” —Jamey (the author), Brooklyn, NY

Size: 50″ x 70″

Colors: 16

Materials: 100-percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton muslin

How to wash: Machine wash and dry on normal (muslin is pre-shrunk)


  • Made with natural cotton muslin
  • Breathable, yet cozy
  • Machine washable and pre-shrunk


  • May be better for warmer or more neutral climates
  • Natural cotton may pill over time

west elm luxe chenille throw, one of the best cozy throw blankets

There’s just something so sleek about chenille. This West Elm pick is easily one of the most decorative throw blankets on our list, but that doesn’t mean it compromises on comfort. The Luxe Chenille throw is a plush, slippery-soft option that looks as beautiful as it feels. It comes in a variety of solid colors, so you’ll no doubt find something that matches your living room aesthetic.

Real user feedback: “It’s so soft and luxurious-feeling, yet it has a lightness to it. It’s both fancy and good for everyday at the same time, perfect on a chair or for actual coziness and utilization! Plus, it’s easy on the eyes! I love the light sheen it has and the color ways—it’s impossible to not “go” with a room’s aesthetic.” —Ali, Brooklyn, NY

Size: 50″ x 60″

Colors: 13

Materials: Polyester

How to wash: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry (no dry cleaning)


  • Sleek design-friendly look
  • Silky soft chenille knit
  • Good color variety


  • Not dryer safe
  • On the smaller side

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unhide marshmallow cozy throw blankets

Love the idea of a fur blanket but hate the thought of a chinchilla being harmed in the process? You might need the massive Marshmallow Blanket from UnHide. As the brand’s name suggests, this fur throw blanket is completely vegan. It’s made with recycled polyester that feels just as good (if not better) than the real deal. It’s pretty hefty and easily one of the most warmth-inducing throws on our list, so we recommend the smallest size if you’re looking for a true throw blanket. However, there are two larger sizes available too.

Real user feedback: “This thing… just wow. I didn’t even notice I was laying underneath nearly 10 pounds because of its softness, which literally felt like real fur. While the top of each UnHide blanket is made from that faux chinchilla, the bottoms are brushed with a velvety, hide-like interior that’s akin to melted butter.” —W+G’s Associate Commerce Editor, Francesca Krempa (you can read her full review here)

Size: 50″ x 60″

Colors: 8

Materials: Recycled polyester

How to wash: Machine wash on gentle (cold), line dry only


  • Marshmallowy softness
  • Ideal for colder temps
  • Completely vegan


  • Priciest blanket on this list
  • Some colors sell out quickly

Barefoot dreams cozychic throw, one of the best cozy throw blankets

There’s a reason this blanket has inspired so many dupes (see above)—it’s the ultimate snuggle blanket. Made with soft polyester microfiber, it’s stretchy and squishy in all the right ways and looks lovely draped over furniture. This thicker version of the CozyChic blanket is nice and toasty for cool nights on the patio or chilly afternoons on the couch. Best of all, it’ll never shrink or pill, even after multiple machine washes.

Real user feedback: “Barefoot Dreams all day every day. So soft. So warm. Pricey but worth it. Holds up in the wash.” —Allison, Orlando FL

Size: 54″ x 72″

Colors: 8

Materials: Polyester microfiber

How to wash: Machine wash cold, lay flat or tumble on cool to dry


  • Soft and warm
  • Doesn’t pill or wrinkle
  • Machine washable


  • Pricier option
  • Mostly neutral colors

barefoot dreams cozychic lite, one of the best cozy throw blankets

The CozyChic Lite is the lightweight little sister to the original Barefoot Dreams throw above. Unlike its larger  polyester microfiber predecessor, this version is thinner and ribbed for added texture. Luckily, it’s just as wide and just as easy to machine wash.

Real user feedback: “It’s light enough so you don’t suffocate but it’s soooo soft. I bought it to take to the hospital for when I have my baby, but it’s now a couch blanket.” —Molly, Bend, OR

Size: 54″ x 72″

Colors: 3

Materials: Nylon and rayon

How to wash: Machine wash cold, lay flat or tumble on cool to dry


  • Lightweight warmth
  • Ribbed texture adds some dimension
  • Super soft and supple


  • Pricier option
  • Limited colors

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border tweeds scottish tartan cozy throw blanket

Calling all “Outlander” fans! Nobody does wool blankets like Scotland (ok, maybe Ireland or New Zealand, but whatever). These gorgeous blankets are made from 100 percent wool and designed in traditional tartan patterns. They require a little more work to clean compared to other options on this list, but the wool is extremely durable, warm, and moisture-wicking. Plus, they look great in your living room.

Real user feedback: “My husband is Scottish, so we have no shortage of tartan wool throws (or “rugs” as he’d call them). This brand makes a beautiful, durable, and warm tartan blanket. I love to drape one over our leather chair and curl up into one when it’s really cold out—I’ve even used one as a picnic blanket (although they require a little more TLC when it comes to washing, so I’d be careful where you place it).” —Jamey (the author), Brooklyn, NY

Size: 60″ x 70″

Colors: 18 tartan options

How to wash: Dry clean or hand wash only


  • Beautiful tartan designs
  • Thick, warm wool
  • Versatile and durable


  • Dry clean or hand wash only

buffy puffer cozy throw blankets

Sustainable bedding brand Buffy rose to fame with their cloud-like comforters and eucalyptus-derived sheets (which, btw, I sleep on and love). One of their latest sensations? The Puffer Blanket. This quilted blanket made with eucalyptus-derived Tencel and—wait for it—approximately 30 recycled water bottles. Yup, this is recycled plastic at its finest. No matter which of the five fun colors you choose, you can rest assured that the blanket was made with water-saving dyes and pro-planet materials.

Real user feedback: “It’s like a puffy jacket for… my entire body. Definitely warm, but not sleeping-bag hot. The colors are so fun, too!” —Kelly, St. Louis, MO

Size: 50″ x 70″

Colors: 5

Materials: Eucalyptus-derived Tencel Lyocell, recycled plastic

How to wash: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


  • Sustainable pick
  • Fun color options
  • Mid-weight warmth


  • Not as many color options as other brands on this list
  • Slightly smaller size

baloo weighted blanket, one of the best cozy throw blankets

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure touch (DPT), which can help you feel more grounded and soothe feelings of anxiety. This pick from Baloo offers 12 pounds of tiny glass beads quilted inside an OEKO-TEX certified cotton shell. You can also tag on a cotton duvet cover ($49) for this throw to keep it safe (although it is machine washable!). It’s available in several colors, and also comes in larger sizes to accommodate a queen or king duvet.

I’ve not tried this weighted blanket myself, but I have used Baloo’s linen sheets and think they’re excellent. Plus, the brand is carbon neutral and partners with SeaTrees, an organization that supports seaside reforestation—we love to see it.

Size: 42″ x 72″ (weighs 12 lbs)

Colors: 5

Materials: Glass beads, cotton insulation, and cotton shell

How to wash: Machine wash cold, tumble dry on medium or low heat


  • Quilted for even distribution of glass beads
  • Feel-good sustainability efforts
  • Option to tag on a duvet cover
  • Machine washable


  • Only one weight available in throw size

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big blanket co original stretch cozy throw blanket

If you live by the mantra “go big or go home” and that mantra happens to extend to blankets… well, this one’s for you. It’s ten feet wide by ten feet long (yes, really) and made with a slippery-soft, OEKO-TEX certified polyester and spandex blend. It comes in a ton of different colors and patterns and, if 100 square feet seems like too much blanket for you, there’s also an eight- by eight-foot option. Best of all, if you don’t love it after 100 nights, you can return it for free.

Real user feedback: “This blanket snuggled all 6-foot-2-inches of me in coziness with plenty of room to spare. The fabric is so soft and a touch velvety on the side stitched without the brand’s “B” logo patch… And if you’re worried about its weight, don’t be; The pressure of the 11 pounds is definitely felt, but less in a weighted-blanket type of way and more like a soft embrace.” —Angelica, New York, NY (read her full review here).

Size: 10′ x 10′ (yes, that’s feet)

Colors: 20+

Materials: Polyester and spandex blend

How to wash: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


  • Two massive size options
  • Lots of colors and patterns
  • 100-night guarantee


  • May be too big for some folks

ikea holmvi, one of the best cozy throw blankets

Want a nice-looking blanket at an even nicer price? This little blanket from Ikea will do the trick. With its sweet fringe detail and soft, brushed texture, it’s a great lightweight option for cooler summer evenings or draping over your legs on the couch. Sure, its smaller size means you can’t exactly cocoon up in it, but for the price and the clean look, it’s a really solid optoin.

Real user feedback: “I’m the type of person that ALWAYS needs a blanket, even when it’s hot out, just to feel comfortable sitting on the couch. This blanket is stupidly cheap yet ridiculously soft and light.” —Sarah, Brooklyn, NY

Size: 47″ x 63″

Colors: 2

Materials: Recycled polyester

How to wash: Machine wash cold on delicate, hang to dry (don’t dry clean)


  • Lowest-priced blanket on this list
  • Brushed, soft polyester
  • Cute tassel detail makes it great for draping


  • Smaller size
  • Only two colors

cozy earth cuddle blanket, one of the best cozy throw blankets

Yes, that is a lot of amount of money for a throw blanket. But if you’re willing to invest in a super comfortable, luxury throw blanket, this is a top-shelf option. After all, “Cozy” is literally in the name. While most of Cozy Earth’s blankets and sheets are made from sustainably-sourced bamboo viscose, this throw is made from high-pile polyester and built to last.

Real user feedback: “Holy luxury. This thing renders images of romantic nights on a bear-skin rug in front of a roaring fireplace whilst eating strawberries and champagne, minus any actual fireplace or dead bear. It’s opulent x10000 and it’s become a staple for snuggling on the couch when I want to feel nothing but warm and relaxed. Champagne and strawberries not included.” —W+G’s Associate Commerce Editor, Francesca Krempa

Size: 50″ x 60″

Colors: 2

Materials: Polyester

How to wash: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle (dry cleaning recommended)


  • Luxuriously soft
  • Two size options
  • Durable, high-quality design


  • Priciest blanket on this list
  • Only 2 colors

Things to consider before buying a cozy throw blanket

  • Design: Because a throw blanket is are meant to be, ya know, thrown around your living space, you’ll want to make sure you like the look of it! Consider your personal style while shopping, and ideally opt for a blanket you won’t mind leaving out when company comes over.
  • Warmth: The climate where you live (as well as whether you naturally run hot or cold) will tell you a lot about the type of blanket you need. Thick wool or faux fur blankets are great for keeping you warm in super chilly regions or wintery months, while more breathable materials like cotton or microfiber will be better suited for warmer temps.
  • Eco benefits: Some of the blankets on our list use new synthetic materials (like polyester or nylon), while others prioritize recycled, or sustainably-sourced materials. If going green is important to you, some of the brands on our list are more eco-friendly than others (such as Buffy and Baloo).
  • Your budget: The blankets on our list range from $8 to $360. Consider how much you’re willing to spend on a blanket, and keep in mind details like return policies and trial periods.

How to care for a throw blanket

Like all of the textiles in your home, throw blankets require cleaning. The good news, however, is that you don’t need to wash them as frequently as your sheets, towels, or duvet cover.

As Deirdre Hooper, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Audubon Dermatology in New Orleans, previously told W+G, “It’s hard for the bacteria, fungus, and yeast that would infect our body to live in the relatively cold and dry environment that is our home. So, it’s less risky for those bacteria to stay alive for a while on a throw blanket.”

Two general rules of thumb to stick to: 

  1. Wash your throw blankets at least once a season
  2. Always follow the brand’s washing instructions to avoid shrinking or damaging the blanket

Frequently asked questions

What is the most popular throw blanket size?

Most of the throw blankets on our list measure around 50 by 60 inches. Still, several brands also offer “oversized” options, which allow for more coverage (with a buddy or a pet) and more versatility—just make sure you’ve got the space for it!

What is the warmest type of throw blanket?

The tighter the knit on the blanket, the warmer it will be. Wool or faux fur blankets tend to run the warmest, although your regular body temperature (not to mention the climate where you live) will also play a role in what feels warm to you.

What is the best material for throw blankets?

The answer really comes down to personal preference. Many throw blankets are made of polyester, which is actually very versatile and can look and feel different from blanket to blanket (just peep our list for evidence!). You’ll also find plenty throws made of breathable cotton (which is ideal if breathability if your goal), as well as wool, which is warmer and more durable.

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