Is Long COVID the Match That Will Finally Light a Fire Under Research Into Women’s Reproductive Health?

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Here are some of the women leading the charge on this research and what they’ve uncovered so far.

There are certain messes—like food stains, pet accidents, and muddy footprints—that call for a mop, and while essential, it’s a tool that typically requires some elbow grease to get the job done. This isn’t so much the case with the Hover Scrubber Omni Cordless Dual-Head Mop. A hybrid between a mop and power scrubber, it’s made to handle the hard work of keeping your floors sparkling clean—and from now until March 25, it’s 23 percent off on QVC, bringing the price down from $78 to $60.

Hover Scrubber Omni Cordless Dual-Head Mop and Accessories

Originally $78, now $60

Comes with: 

  • Power adapter
  • Two microfiber pads
  • Two chenille pads
  • Two microfiber power wedges
  • Baseboard-cleaning attachment
  • Scouring power wedge

Colors: 6

Think of the Hover Scrubber Omni Cordless Dual-Head Mop as an upgrade from most traditional mops. It’s equipped with two rotating cleaning pads that activate with a quick push of its power button, and thanks to its ergonomic swivel head, the unit spins and glides effortlessly underneath furniture and into tight corners. It tackles a multitude of hard surfaces and messes with ease, leaving floors cleaner in its wake—and with little effort on your part.

Moreover, the electric mop—powered by a rechargeable battery—is cordless, making it especially convenient for cleaning around your home. It’s also lightweight (weighing in at just over three pounds) to take the heavy lifting out of your everyday chores, so you can quickly transport it from your living room to your bathroom to your kitchen. Plus, it’s easy to store when not in use: the mop’s slim profile takes up little floor space, making it ideal for those with limited storage.

With the mop, you’ll receive two microfiber pads for picking up dirt, dust, and debris and two absorbent chenille pads to sop up spills and other wet messes—both of which are reusable and machine-washable. It also comes with a scouring pad to lift away stubborn stains, as well as a baseboard-cleaning attachment and two extra wedge-shaped microfiber pads to ensure no nook or cranny goes uncleaned. The included accessories make it an excellent deal, and today, it’s even more of a steal thanks to a discount of 23 percent. Shop it now at QVC.

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