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Entering the world of motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with joy, love, and—let’s be real—a few challenges along the way. Among these challenges is finding comfortable and supportive clothing, especially in the postpartum phase. At a time when your body might not feel like it belongs to you anymore, the best postpartum leggings or yoga pants can give you a much-needed boost, offering support where you want it without feeling constrictive.

“Your organs spent almost an entire year shifting, and [they’re] going to have to continue shifting back for six to nine months after you’ve had your baby,” says Athena Gabriella Guice, a full-spectrum doula who runs Hija Del Sol Birth Services in Florida.

That’s why cultures around the world use various forms of belly-binding or compression during the postpartum period. “When a person has just given birth, it’s not just the birth of a child, but that mother is also reborn,” says Guice. “She needs something that is tight, that is snug, that also helps her nervous system, and her sense of security.” Postpartum leggings can offer all of that in a trendy, comfortable way. And even if you’re already a few weeks or months into postpartum life, you can still benefit. As Guice says, “It’s never too late to invest in postpartum healing tools or support.”

The best postpartum leggings at a glance:

What to look for

What you wear after having a baby can affect not only how you feel, but how you heal, too. Remember, a postpartum body is one that’s in transition. Not only are your organs shifting yet again, but your blood volume increased by approximately 45 percent during pregnancy. While you lose some of that in labor, you’re likely still very swollen after giving birth. Many pregnant bellies also experience separation of the abdominal wall, which is known as diastasis recti. For all these reasons, Guice suggests looking for postpartum leggings that offer a little compressive pressure and support around the abdomen without squeezing uncomfortably.

This compression can also be helpful emotionally. Guice points out that we go from having very tight skin in the third trimester, to very loose skin afterward. “Emotionally, that does something to us,” she says. “That postpartum feeling of everything’s drooping, whether it’s the breasts, the belly, all the extra skin because of the blood loss and the weight loss—leggings really help you start your day and get going.”

That doesn’t mean you need to stick with leggings designed specifically for the postpartum period. Guice says there are plenty of mainstream brands that offer the right amount of elasticity around the belly, which can be helpful in finding a pair that you actually love. “You don’t want to just get them because they have medical benefits,” she says. “You want to feel good in them.”

Just be sure they aren’t too tight around the ankles, she warns: The way some leggings are sewn on the bottom, a restrictive hem could cut off your circulation.

Shop 11 of the best postpartum leggings

align high-rise one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: 0–20

There’s a reason why you’ll find these listed as one of the top recommendations for best postpartum leggings on maternity message boards: The extra high waist is ideal to pull up over a baby bump or a postpartum belly that’s craving a little extra love. Light, supportive (and buttery-soft) Nylon and Lycra® elastane material offers just the right amount of pressure without feeling restrictive or pinching the waist or hips. If you have a shorter torso, Lululemon also has standard high-rise options in 31”, 28”, and 25” lengths. 

Colors: 4


  • Offers extra high-waisted support without pinching
  • Doesn’t roll down
  • Buttery soft fabric


  • May pill after awhile with heavy wear
  • Sizes sell out quickly
  • Can be too high on shorter torsos

storq leggings, one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: P, XS–4XL

On those days when you don’t feel like putting on pants, these super-soft babies will wrap you up in a lower-body hug so cozy you’ll forget they’re there. The breathable, midweight tights are cooling to the touch, a welcome sensation when your hormones are all over the place. But note: Although they’re some of the best postpartum leggings, the fabric is not completely opaque on all bodies, so they’re ideal for days when you’re just hanging around the house. 

Colors: 2


  • Breathable, cooling fabric
  • Extremely soft
  • Lightly compressive


  • Can be slightly sheer, so are best worn indoors

mpg substance tights, one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: XS–XL

With two zippered side pockets, these have a little more structure than your average legging, so you might feel a little less vulnerable venturing out in public in them. A drawcord at the waist helps secure the right fit as your belly changes shape. Bonus: These also have two large hidden pockets further down the leg, big enough to stash that extra pacifier, or burp cloth, or rattle, or… 

Colors: 4


  • Offer comfortable structure around the hips
  • Plenty of pocket space
  • Drawcord waist aids proper fit as your size changes


  • Fabric shows panty lines in lighter colors
  • Can bunch a little behind the knees

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Available sizes: XS-XL

Crafted from nylon and Spandex, these leggings offer targeted compression to support and contour the body, aiding in postpartum recovery. The gentle yet firm compression assists in reducing swelling, promoting blood circulation, and providing abdominal support, which are all crucial for women post-delivery. There’s also a low-belly panel seam to accommodate for C-section surgery, making these great for those who have just undergone C-section.

Colors: 1


  • Compressive, stretchy fabric
  • High-waist band
  • Low belly panel for C-section


  • Hand wash only

Available sizes: XS-XXL

There are a lot of good high-waisted options on the market, but if you want one that’s ultra-compressive (without cutting off your circulation, of course), get these from Larken. The extra-high waistband can be worn up over the belly or folded down, depending on what mood you’re in. And it’s soft. In addition to being stretchy and anti-pilling, the material feels great against skin, never rubbing or itching no matter what position it’s in.

Colors: 1


  • Soft, stretchy fabric
  • The waistband can be flipped up or folded down
  • Sits right below the bust (C-section friendly)
  • Affordable


  • Only available in one color

Alo Yoga 7/8 High-Waist Airlift Legging

Available sizes: XXS-XL

Alo’s celebrity-favorite leggings are beloved for a reason, postpartum and beyond. Made from the brand’s highly compressive Airlift fabric, they hold you in and up, which feels great in and out of the gym. It’s stretchy, too, made with 4-way stretch that moves with you, be it in yoga, pilates, during a HIIT workout, or wherever. Consider them your new gym BFF.

Colors: 10


  • Super compressive and sculpting
  • Made with 4-way stretch
  • High waisted


  • Pricey

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blanqi highwaist leggings, one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: XS–XXL

These leggings are designed by maternity brand Blanqi specifically for those who plan to breastfeed their baby. The waist goes all the way up to the bra line to help you feel a little less naked while nursing. There’s also moderate compression in the tummy area for extra support and a seamless construction around the crotch to reduce irritation. 

Colors: 6


  • Goes all the way up to the bra line
  • Seamless design for reduced irritation in the crotch


  • Sizes run large

fengbay leggings from amazon, one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: XS–XXL

Given how easy these leggings are on the wallet, they’re surprisingly thick and durable—they definitely pass the squat test. The strong material is just snug enough to give your postpartum belly the love it needs while giving you a boost of body confidence in the process. Plus, there are three deep pockets to easily stash all kinds of essentials. 

Colors: 9, plus 3 fleece-lined options, and 5 capri options


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ample pocket space
  • Durable


  • Run big
  • Fabric attracts lint and pet hair

sweaty betty power workout, one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: XXS–XXL

These pants were designed to “sculpt” your backside and belly as you sweat. But many new parents say those features offer just what they want in postpartum leggings. The polyamide elastane fabric is flexible but firm, giving a post-baby belly just the right amount of compression. Workout-ready and available in a wide variety of colors and prints, wearing these can help you feel like your old self again.    

Colors: 23


  • Soft, compressive fabric
  • Lots of color and pattern options


  • Waist sits lower than other postpartum leggings
  • Sometimes falls down at the waist

<!– –>

athleta elation tight, one of the best postpartum leggings

Sizes: XXS–3X in regular, tall, and petite

The wide three-layered waistband on these tights has propelled them to best-seller status—and it’s ideal for the postpartum bod. You’ll get gentle compression but not constriction. Not quite as high as the Lululemon super high-rise tights, these sit right above the waist. And they stay there without budging, whether you’re crawling on the ground for tummy time or heading out on long stroller walks. Meanwhile, the material is so soft it feels like its own form of self-care.

Colors: 11


  • High, wide waistband
  • Soft material
  • Stays in place


  • Can be too high for those with short torsos

quince maternity and postpartum leggings

Sizes: XS–XL (and two lengths)

The four-way stretch fabric in these budget-friendly tights creates a supportive waistband designed both for a prenatal bump and a postpartum belly. The snug fit helps you feel securely held, but not pinched, making them some of the best maternity picks as well as some of the best postpartum leggings. Super soft on your skin, the nylon and spandex material is thick enough to keep you amply covered. Bonus: They’ve got two side pockets.

Colors: 2


  • Budget-friendly
  • Designed for maternity and postpartum
  • Thick but stretchy fabric


  • Limited sizes and colors
  • The fit is a little loose in the ankles and knees


When can I start wearing postpartum leggings?

Typically, many new moms find themselves gravitating towards postpartum leggings within the first few weeks after giving birth. As your body gradually adjusts to its new normal, you may find comfort in the gentle compression and support that postpartum leggings provide. But remember—it’s crucial to listen to your body. Your postpartum recovery is a deeply personal experience, and there’s no one-size-fits-all timeline for when to start wearing postpartum leggings. Trust your instincts and honor the signals your body sends you.

What is the difference between maternity leggings and postpartum leggings?

Maternity leggings are designed with the expectant mother’s evolving body in mind. Crafted from stretchy, accommodating fabrics, these leggings often feature a supportive waistband that comfortably accommodates a growing baby bump. They offer ample room for expansion and are specifically tailored to provide gentle compression and support throughout pregnancy.

On the other hand, postpartum leggings are tailored to meet the unique needs of the new mom after she’s given birth. These leggings often feature a higher waistband, too, to offer support for the abdomen and lower back, providing much-needed comfort and stability during recovery.

What are the best leggings after C-section?

Opt for leggings with a supportive waistband that extends above your incision site, providing gentle compression and stability to soothe and support your abdomen as it heals. This elevated waistband design not only offers much-needed comfort but also helps alleviate pressure on your C-section incision, allowing for a smoother recovery process.

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