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Make way for the antacids.

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May every year, and yet somehow, it always seems to sneak up on us. If you’re scrambling to come up with the *perfect* Mother’s Day gifts ideas and coming up blank, consider making this is the year you let the stars be your guide.

According to astrologer Ariel Catalasan, considering people’s zodiac signs when gift shopping can be a useful strategy because it can help you more deeply understand their preferences and personalities—thus giving you a better chance of picking out a gift they’ll actually put to use.

“I believe that the most meaningful gifts are those that make recipients feel deeply seen, appreciated, and/or valued.”

“I believe that the most meaningful gifts are those that make recipients feel deeply seen, appreciated, and/or valued,” Catalasan says. “Astrology offers a rich framework for comprehending not only the surface characteristics, but also the underlying values, communication styles, and love languages of each zodiac sign, empowering us to forge stronger and more authentic connections in our relationships. When you’re shopping for your loved ones, understanding their zodiac sign can provide a helpful starting point for finding the perfect gift.”

Don’t worry if you’re not up to date on what zodiac signs actually entail—Catalasan’s got your back with a rundown of Mother’s Day gifts ideas that you can snag from QVC just in time for the big day (all you need to know is their birthday).

Note: Prices taken at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Shop Mother’s Day Gifts, Based on Zodiac Signs

Anyone who knows a Taurus understands that they value luxury and comfort—aka exactly how you would describe this cozy blanket. “Whether draped over furniture or wrapped around [Taureans] on chilly evenings, this plush blanket offers effortless opulence, ideal for their indulgent nights in,” Catalasan says.

The Gemini symbol of twins hints at their multi-faceted personality, so they need a gift that can live up to their dynamic, fun-loving nature—and what better than a pizza oven that’ll give them an excuse to throw a dinner party. “With [the pizza oven’s] diverse functionality, it offers endless opportunities for culinary experimentation to entertain this intellectual air sign,” Catalasan says.

One thing about Cancers is that they *love* thoughtful gifts, and gifting a new signature scent will surely be memorable. “[The perfume] evokes tranquil beach days with its breezy aroma, making it a lovely scent to complement their nostalgic nature,” Catalasan says.

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If your mother figure is a Leo, you know that she’s the indisputable queen—and she dresses like it. “These generous fire signs hold sentimental gifts close to their hearts and love to accessorize, making jewelry from loved ones particularly cherished,” Catalasan says. Every time she slides on these glitzy rings to add some glam to her outfit, she’ll be thinking of you.

“Brilliant and detail-oriented, Virgos value practical gifts that enhance their wellness and provide more ease to their lives,” Catalasan says. This portable blender would be an excellent addition to her already jam-packed routine—especially since it can effortlessly make smoothies, dips, and dressings, helping to quench her desires for efficiency and variety.

All the self-care-loving Libras out there value gifts that help them feel and look their best. “Consider this multi-piece makeup set equipped with essentials to create various looks,” Catalasan says. “It’s perfect for trendy, sociable Libra to change up their look before they head to the next event on their schedule.” Talk about a confidence boost.

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Scorpios are known for being fiercely loyal to their loved ones, which is why Catalasan recommends gifting them this smart photo and video picture frame, which can cycle through photos of all their favorite memories with the ones they hold dear. They’ll be showing off this sentimental present to their friends for years to come.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for an adventurous Sagittarius? “Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend away or grand international voyage, every Sagittarius needs a carry-on bag adaptable to their needs,” Catalasan says. “This spacious duffel will be a trusty travel companion at any destination for these explorers at heart.” They’ll have their next trip planned before it’s even out of the box!

“Capricorns, known to be a hardworking earth sign, can find solace in nature and in nurturing hobbies outside of work,” Catalasan says. “This gardening set provides the tools for Capricorn to channel their practicality and determination into creating a serene landscape for themselves.” With their knack for long-term projects, your thanks will be receiving freshly-grown vegetables by the next harvest.

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No one loves a playful print as much as Aquarians, thanks to their love for colors and the unexpected. “Despite their outgoing nature, this air sign equally values alone time, making these pajamas a cozy companion as they indulge in their diverse range of interests, like binge-watching a new show, reading a book, or trying out a DIY project at home,” Catalasan says.

Tap into the “water” part of water sign and gift your Pisces mother this shower set so she can cover herself head-to-toe in this fresh, floral scent. Since Pisces need time to recharge their energy (being that empathetic all the time can be draining), you’ll be giving her the ability to transform her bathroom into a relaxing escape.

Aries are known to be go-go-going all the time, which is why they prioritize staying active to release extra energy. Support this act of self care by giving a present that encourages their athletic pursuits. “These walking sneakers will provide these bold go-getters with comfort and support, regardless of where their journey may lead them,” Catalasan says. And thanks to you, your mother figure will be arriving there in style.

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